Server Configurations for Minecraft

Whether you want to be able to fly on your server, change the difficulty, make someone an Op, etc., you can do so with configs and commands in Minecraft.



The file contains a lot of settings you might be interested in. To edit it, just click on Files in Command Center and then on the file. That will bring up the file in our online editor so you can modify it directly.


For more information on what can be configured in the file, see our dedicated article for it..

Following are configurations you may need for your server that can be done in

Other Configs

Some configurations are not done in Here are a few of them:


Commands can be entered into the console or in game. For the console, you just need to click on the Console tab in Command Center and then type the command without the slash:

say Testing a Sample Command

To enter a command in game, hit t while in game, and then start typing the rest of the command using a slash:

/say Testing a Sample Command


For a list of commands you can use in Minecraft, check out the official wiki.

Here are a few common commands we are asked about: