Update a Game

Keep your server up to date in Command Center.

This guide will help you update your server to the latest version. Most games update regularly with bug fixes or added content. You will want to keep your game on the latest version in most cases. Command Center will not automatically update your server because it might break something if you are using any mods or customizations. Follow these instructions to update your server:

  1. Login to Command Center.
  2. From the Servers page, click Manage next to the game you want to update.
  3. Click on Stop to stop the server. πŸ›‘ DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP πŸ›‘
  4. On the left sidebar, click Backups and make a backup of the server. This step is optional, but still a good idea just in case.
  5. On the left sidebar again, click Game Settings.
  6. Under the installed version you should see a dropdown box. Select your desired version. For most Steam games, you will want to select the highest version in the list, which is usually the only one available.
  7. Press Install.
  8. Restart your server.