Load Previously Generated Worlds in Terraria Using serverconfig.txt

  1. Make sure the world you want to load is located in the correct folder either because it was generated on Akliz servers or because you uploaded it using SFTP.


If you're uploading a world from your computer, you may not see the .local folder on your server. To do so, in WinScp click on Options > Preferences. Inside of the Preferences window, click on the Panels section and select Show hidden files (Ctrl-Alt-H).

  1. Click on serverconfig.txt which is located in the main /terraria/ folder:
  1. Change world and worldname to match your pregenerated world. So in this example, the world is called Sample.wld as shown above and you would change them to the following:
  1. Click the blue Save button.

  2. Restart your server and you should now be using your pregenerated world.