Adding mods to your Valheim server


Must have BepInEx installed

Before proceeding please contact support so we can install BepInEx onto your server.

Installing the Mods/Plugins

  1. Download the mods that you want to install. For compatibility, they'll need to work with the latest version of Valheim and should be a file that ends in .dll
  2. Log into your server using SFTP.
  3. After connecting to your SFTP server, you should see a folder for your game on the remote side. Navigate into that folder.
  4. Upload your mods BepInEx/plugins folder. You should only upload one mod at a time and test between restarts to make sure that the mod works. Repeat these instructions as necessary.
  5. When you’re ready, start your server.
  6. If your server fails to start, or crashes after adding a mod, you'll want to check the your LogOutput.log located in your BepInEx folder. This will show what BepInEx is attempting to load or isn't loading. If a mod isn't showing up you may need to reupload it. If there's an error you may need to talk to the mod author or open a support ticket.
    Sometimes we can help resolve simple issues, but many times with mods, the issue is a bug in the code that has to be fixed. In the mean time, remove the mod and repeat the above instructions for any more mods that you might have.


Client side

We'd suggest using Thunderstore mod Manager.