Setup Geyser on a Spigot Server

Geyser allows you to connect to a Java based Minecraft server using a Bedrock edition of Minecraft. Find more information at the Geyser website.

This article assumes you have already installed a Spigot Minecraft server and started it at least once.

1. Using SFTP, upload the Geyser plugin you downloaded from the above website to your plugins folder.
2. Start the server at least once to create the config files for Geyser and then stop the server.
3. Click on Port Forwarding on the left of Command Center and forward a port with the following information:

Port Type: Other
Original Port: 19132
Port Range: 0
Protocol: UDP
One to One: Checked

4. Make note of the port that is created.
5. Click on the Files tab, then naviugate to the /spigot/plugins/Geyser-Spigot folder.
6. Click on config.yml to edit it.
7. Change this line to use the port you just forwarded:
# The port that will listen for connections
port: 12345
8. Set your server to offline mode in your
9.Start your server.

When you connect with a Bedrock edition of Minecraft, make sure to use the IP address of your server as listed at the top of Command Center, but use the port you just added to the config file. You'll also need a Java Edition account to connect to the server.


Recent versions of Geyser require a modification of the server start command that must be made by Akliz support. If you want to use Geyser with 1.19 or 1.20, or if your Bedrock players experience game-breaking lag, contact support and we can help.