Upload a World to Your Minecraft Server

The words World and Map are used interchangeably by many Minecraft users. A developer might call the file a world while someone designing a map to be used in a contest might be called a Map Maker. We’re just going to use the word World in this article to keep things simple.

To upload a world to your Minecraft server, copy your world files onto your server via SFTP and configure Command Center to load your world.

Find and Prepare the World

First thing you need to do is find and prepare the world you want to use on your server. You can use any world, whether it comes from an existing single player game or you download it from a Minecraft map sharing website of some kind.


If a world was made for a specific version of the game, you will want to use that same version on your server. This is especially true for any modded maps which will require that you use the same set of mods and versions of those mods or it could break the world.

Existing Single Player World

Vanilla Minecraft

Refer to this Minecraft Wiki tutorial.

CurseForge Launcher

  1. Start the launcher.
  2. Click the Minecraft tab on the left.
  3. Choose the modpack in the list that you want.
  4. Right click and choose Open Folder.
  5. Go to the saves folder. The world you want should be in there.

Technic Pack

  1. Start the launcher.
  2. Click the Modpacks tab and choose the pack you want.
  3. Open Modpack Options in the upper right corner, and click Open.
  4. Go to the saves folder. The world you want should be in there.

Feed The Beast

  1. Start the launcher.
  2. Click My Modpacks on the left side to show your installed modpacks.
  3. Navigate to the modpack options page. If your modpacks are shown in grid mode, you will need to click on the 3 dot icon in the upper right of the modpack's image. If your modpacks are shown in list mode, you can click anywhere but the play button.
  4. On the modpack options page, click the Open Folder button on the upper right side.
  5. Go to the saves folder. The world you want should be in there.


  1. Start the launcher.
  2. Click the Instances tab.
  3. Choose the modpack you want and click Open Folder.
  4. Find the saves folder containing the world you want in there.

Downloaded Content

If your world is archived in a .zip, .rar, etc., unzip it first on your computer. Find the folder that contains level.dat. Next, make sure that the folder name contains no spaces or special characters. If it does, rename it so it doesn’t contain them.

Upload the World

  1. Login via SFTP.
  2. Drag the folder that contains level.dat into /[gamefolder] in your SFTP client. Make sure the folder name only contains letters, numbers, or the - and _ characters. If it doesn’t, rename it.
  3. For those of you who ordered your server before April 2013 and are using the default game, drag the folder into / in your SFTP client instead.
  4. Back in Command Center, stop your server.
  5. Click the Files tab and open server.properties. If this file does not exist, start the server and wait a few seconds for it to show up, then stop your server.
  6. Find level-name=currentworldname and replace currentworldname with the name of your world folder. Click Save. The system is case-sensitive, so if your folder is named MyWorld you must type MyWorld. Typing myworld will generate a new world instead of using the one you uploaded.
  7. Click Start.


If your world is large or doesn’t upload properly, you can have us unzip your world here instead. Upload the archive and open a support ticket asking us to unzip your uploaded world.