Install Plugins on a Server

  1. Install a plugin server if you haven't already.
  2. Download the plugins that you want to install. For compatibility, they need to be the same Minecraft version as your server. For example, if your server is 1.12.2, the plugin must also be 1.12.2.
  3. Log into your server SFTP.
  4. Navigate to the SFTP folder for the game on your server that you want to work on.
  5. Upload your plugins (one at a time, repeating these instructions as necessary) into the plugins folder. (If it doesn't exist, you may need to start your server for it to generate. MAke sure to stop your server again afterwards before changing files.)
  6. Log into Command Center. From the server list, find the server you want to install plugins to and click the Manage button on the right.
  7. When you’re ready, restart your server.
  8. If your server fails to start, or crashes after adding a plugin, you will need to talk to the plugin author or open a support ticket. Sometimes we can help resolve simple issues, but many times with plugins, the issue is a bug in the code that has to be fixed. In the mean time, remove the plugin and repeat the above instructions for any more plugins that you might have.