Troubleshooting Minecraft

Sometimes things go wrong. Same goes for Minecraft servers. Here's how to troubleshoot your issues. Most problems can be categorized as either connection issues, lag issues, or crashes. If you can't find your problem here, please make sure to take advantage of our support team.


Common Minecraft Errors

We have a list of common Minecraft errors here.


Most server problems will have logs and crash reports located under the Files tab in Command Center. Our support team has access to those also. But for connection problems or client crashes, you'll need to provide them with your logs. Here is how to find Minecraft Forge logs that you can send them when they ask.

Connection issues

We have a few articles dedicated to connection problems:

Lag issues

Lag is probably one of the biggest problems that server owners face. But it can be tamed with the following information at your fingertips:

  • How to Resolve Minecraft Server Lag - This is an extensive article on not only fixing lag issues, but it also has tips and tricks on keeping your server running in the best shape possible. This article is highly recommended for anyone who wants to be a serious server admin to read.

These articles mention some tools you can use to diagnose your lag: