Cancel Your Plan

Why are you cancelling?

Before cancelling, have a look at the following reasons and the alternatives to cancelling:

"I want to change my plan."To change your plan, click on the Change Plan link on the left of Command Center next to your server list.

It will automatically only charge you the difference between your current plan and the new one. You can also use this to switch to our Standby plan, we keep your servers and your data backed up for a lower monthly fee.
"I'm done with the modpack/game." You can delete and create servers anytime you'd like. We have many other games and modpacks in our installer, and you can install any modpack you'd like using the different custom Minecraft installers.
"Couldn't find anyone to play with." Have you considered advertising your server on our Discord?
"The server is too laggy." Please contact support and ask for help. We have years of experience in optimizing servers and are happy to help our customers get better performance out of their servers. You can also take a look at our lag article for tons of tips on different lag.
"Missing a game or modpack." Contact support and let us know which game or modpack you'd like added to our installer. Also, any modpack can be installed in our system using the different custom Minecraft installers.
"Missing feature, issue with the platform, or switching to another host." Contact support and let us know what issues you are having and what features are missing. We will do everything we can to address them.
"I can't afford it right now or I'm not using it." We can fully understand. Feel free to follow the directions below to do so.

How to Cancel

Follow these simple directions to cancel your plan with us and we look forward to having you as a customer again in the future:

  1. Login to Command Center.
  2. Click Change Plan on the left hand side under Plan.
  3. Scroll down to Cancel Plan click on the Cancel Plan link
  4. Follow the directions.

If you need a refund as well, contact support.

Pause Account

Akliz does offer a Standby plan. We keep your servers on ice by keeping them backed up in our system. You can select the Standby option in your Change Plan section of your Command Center. Once you're ready to come back all you have to do is put in an upgrade request.

Delete Account

You can request to have your data deleted once your cancellation has been processed. Please contact support to have our billing team delete your information.

What’s Next

Support is available for anything you may need help with on our platform. Feel free to reach out to them at anytime!