Upload a World to a Project Zomboid Server

Uploading your local save to your Project Zomboid server is very simple. Here are the steps to do just that.

  1. Log into your Command Center and make sure your server is stopped.
  2. Log into your server via SFTP.
  3. Delete or rename folder servertest on server in /project-zomboid/?/Zomboid/Saves/Multiplayer/
  4. Find your local save folder. By default in Windows, this is in C:\Users\your_username\Zomboid\Saves\Multiplayer. There will be a folder named after your save's gamemode, like Multiplayer, Builder, Survivor or Apocalypse. In that folder you will find a folder with your save's name. The folder with your save's name is the folder you want.
  5. Upload save folder to /project-zomboid/?/Zomboid/Saves/Multiplayer/
  6. Rename save folder to servertest so that it looks just like it did before you deleted or renamed the original.
  7. Start server.

NOTE: Player data may not load properly. If you want to restore lost items or anything else, check out Admin Commands for Project Zomboid