Changing Eco Server Config

Server Config

All server config can be found in the Configs folder and can be edited in your browser in the Command Center. Some configs will have a .template filename, you can edit these as many of them are used as normal. If there is a .template and a normal version of a config, such as and, edit the .eco file.

The full list of configs plus detailed explanations on each can be found on the Eco Wiki here.

The file has several common configuration options such as adding admins and using the whitelist and blacklist.

To add users to the whitelist, blacklist, and as admins, find the respective sections in and enter steam64 IDs (Look up the Steam64 id using a tool like this: or usernames in the following format in the [] brackets after "$values": (These are fake IDs and names, for the sake of example.)

"Admins": {
      "UserIDAddedEvent": {},
      "UserIDRemovedEvent": {},
      "Collection": {
        "System.String": {
          "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, System.Private.CoreLib]], System.Private.CoreLib",
          "$values": [

All config changes will require a server restart to go into effect.