Generate a Terraria World Using serverconfig.txt

There are multiple ways to generate a new world for your Terraria server. This quick tutorial will explain how to use the serverconfig.txt file to make a new world. By default, serverconfig.txt has the following settings:


You may want to generate a world with different settings. To do so, follow these directions:

  1. Login to Command Center and click the Manage button next to your Terraria server on the servers page.
  2. Start your Terraria server so the server.config.txt file is created.
  3. Stop your server.
  4. Click on the Files tab above the console window and then click on serverconfig.txt to open it in a separate window where you can edit it.
  1. Edit the file as you see fit according to the options found on the official Terraria Wiki. Look below for an example.
  2. Click the blue Save button.
  3. Reset your Terraria world.
  4. Start your server again and your new world should be created with your new settings. Enjoy!


Example serverconfig.txt

If you wanted a small world on *master difficulty and a password, you'd make changes to the following lines: