Voice Chat Configuration for Minecraft

Voice Chat Mods

Voice chat mods require ports to be forwarded. So to use any of the following voice chat mods, you'll need to follow the port forwarding and configuration instructions below to use them on your server.

To use Simple Voice Chat, you'll need to download it and then upload it to your mods folder. (This is the recommended mod as it is the most up to date.)

To use Modular Voice Chat, you'll need to download it and then upload it to your mods folder.

Port Forwarding

  1. Start your server to create the config file for the voice chat mod.
  2. Stop your server and click on Port Forwarding. If you do not stop the server the system will not let you add your port.
  1. Fill out the Request Port form as follows:
    • Port type: Other
    • Original Port: 24454
    • Port Range: 0
    • Protocol: UDP
    • And check One to One
  1. Click Add Port
  2. Once you add the port it'll generate a public and private number that both should be the same if it was done correctly. You'll want to remember this number as we'll be adding it to the config.


  1. Once you have that port number you’ll want to navigate to the config for the mod and click on it in the Files tab.
    • For Simple Voice Chat for Forge: world/serverconfig/voicechat-server.toml
    • For Simple Voice Chat for Fabric: config/voicechat/voicechat-server.properties
    • For Modular Voice Chat: config/modularvc-server.toml
  2. Locate port=24454 and replace the 24454 with the port number you created in the previous section.
  3. Save your config and restart your server for the port to take effect.

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