7 Days to Die Mods

One of the best features to 7 Days to Die is the ability to mod it. You can install mods from Nexus, or 7 Days to Die Mods

Install 7 Days to Die Mods on a Server

Install 7 Days to Die Mods to Your Client

Recommended mods

Duriel's More Lockpicks

Gives you the chance to find more lock picks in the world and the chances of finding them more. More information here.

Duriels More Zombies and Larger Hordes

Random wondering hordes will be larger, and more zombies will spawn in random places. More information here.

Better Birdnest Loot

Improves loot dropped by birdnest by increasing the eg amount feather amount and chance to spawn eggs. More information here.

Craft Beaker

Adds the ability to craft a Beaker in game rather than trying to find one. And if you've played the game for a long time you know how annoying it can be. More information here.

Traders Always Opened

Now all merchants in the game are always open. You can trade, do quests at night or, like a chicken, sit all night at a merchant in a safe zone where zombies can't get to you. More information here.


Besides mods there's also Twitch Integration which doesn't require anything to be uploaded just a few server config changes.