Resetting Player data on 7 Days to Die Server

You may want to reset a players data for multiple on your 7d2d server from time to time. This guide will help you with getting started with removing player data from the server.

Finding the player ID

  1. Log into your Command Center.
  2. Under your File tab navigate to the folder path Saves/CurrentWorldName/GameName.
  3. Open the players.xml . The list will contain the player's name and the userid. Make note of the userid as you'll need that to find them in the Player folder.

Removing the Player data

  1. Stop your server and take a backup.
  2. SFTP into your server.
  3. You will find the player files in the folder path: Saves/CurrentWorldName/GameName/Player
  4. Locate the userid in the player folder and download or delete the .map and .ttp files for that userid.
  5. Star your server and have the player reconnect to test. .