Install Gamemodes to a Garry's Mod Server

This tutorial should show you how to quickly install gamemodes on your Garry's Mod server. You will need to read this tutorial first to learn how to get your addon files onto your server.

Locate autoexec.cfg

  1. Log in to Command Center.
  2. From the servers page, click on the manage button for your Garry's Mod server.
  3. Select the Files tab.
  4. Navigate to /garrys-mod/garrysmod/cfg and click on autoexec.cfg to open it in a separate window to edit.

Add a Gamemode to autoexec.cfg

In this example, we will be referring to the popular Prop Hunt gamemode. If you want to add a different game mode, the text that you add will need to be adjusted accordingly.

In the window you opened above to edit autoexec.cfg, you need to add a line that says: gamemode "prop_hunt"