Selecting Regions

We recently started adding new locations to Akliz hosting. We've taken our time in getting this set up as we wanted every location to meet our current standard.

Current Regions

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania



We are currently working on simplifying users ability to change regions, this should be implemented within the next few weeks. When this is available you will be able to seamlessly transfer all of your data including your Backups. This document's purpose is for if you were wanting to transfer to a new region sooner, continue at your own risk.

Transferring to a new region

Unlike most hosts, we allow you to switch regions at any moment during your plan. The region for your account will be set post-purchase when you create a server for the first time.

  • First Option: If you are creating a server for the first time.
  • Second Option: If you're an existing customer, we can transfer your servers to a new location.
  • Last Option: (Advanced) If you want to transfer your servers over manually.

If you have no servers and want to change region

You can easily change your region by going to the My Account page and selecting the region you are after, then click Update!

Contacting Support to Transfer

If you want to keep your servers intact support can now easily transfer your servers over to a new location. Please contact us and we can begin the process for you.

(Advanced) Manually Changing the Region of your Existing Servers

In order to switch to a new regions you will need to remove all servers on your account. If you want to keep your current worlds you will want to download your data using SFTP.



When manually transferring your old server to a new one in a different region, your backups, activity log and scheduled tasks, admins will be deleted, make sure you test your world to make sure it is functional before downloading your files to change regions.

  1. Download the files you want to keep such as your world.
  2. Delete all of your current servers. Note each server's installed game and version. It's critical that you recreate your new servers with the same games and versions.
  3. Follow the steps above for If you have no servers and want to change region
  4. Create a server on your new region. Recreate your servers with the same games and versions.
  5. Upload your files to your new server.