Using RCON with your Palworld Server


This guide will help you with setting up RCON on a Palworld Server within the Akliz system. If you do not have a plan with Akliz you can get started with one here

For a quick introduction to what RCON is, see this article. If you do not have an RCON client we suggest using RCON-cli.

Enabling RCON on your Palworld Server

Once you have your Palworld server created, you'll want to make sure you have your PalWorldSettings.ini set up correctly.

Open a Port for RCON

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Click "Manage" next to your server in the Command Center to open your server's page. Then click the gear tab at the top left and click "Port Forwarding".
  3. In the "Request Port" section, open the dropdown menu and select "Other".
  4. You'll want to set your port as following.
    Port type: Other
    Original Port: 25575
    Port Range: 0
    Protocol: TCP
    One to one: Checked
  5. Once that is created and saved you should have a new port created. Copy that new port as you'll need it in the next steps.

Enabling RCON

  1. Go to your PalWorldSetting.ini located in your Pal/Saved/Config/LinuxsServer folder and you'll want to edit the following settings.
    RCONPort=255575 to RCONPort=Newporthere.
    RCONEnabled=False to RCONEnabled=True.
    AdminPassword="" to AdminPassword="yourpassword"
  2. Once that's saved start your server. You'll use the servers IP and the RCON port you just opened to connect. The RCON password is the same as your AdminPassword.

For a list of the Admin Commands that are currently available for the game click here.