Download or Upload a save on your Core Keeper Server

Upload your single player world to your server

  1. On Windows, navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Pugstorm\Core Keeper\Steam\71432510\worlds
  2. Connect to your server via SFTP
  3. Navigate to /core-keeper/DedicatedServer/worlds in your server.
  4. Move the world file that ends in .gzip to that folder. You can move several, if you have several worlds, but you can only play on one world at a time.
  5. If your world was anything other than, make sure to change the "world" option in /core-keeper/DedicatedServer/ServerConfig.json to the number that your world has. For example, if you moved over, change "0" to "3" in that file after "world". See this article for more information on editing that file.

Download your server world to play on single player

Simply follow the directions above, but instead of moving a file from your computer to your server, move it from the server to your computer. If the world you are downloading has the same name as one in your single player worlds, simply rename it with a new number. For example, if already exists, rename the one on the server to a number higher than what you have before downloading it. Only name it one number higher than your highest so it stays in the proper place in the single player world list.

Now you will be able to load your world in single player along side your other single player worlds!