World Management

These are list of some of the things you can do the Modify your world with Minecraft.

Uploading a World to your Server

You can upload a world from playing in single player or that you created in a previous server. When you upload your world, you can continue your progression with additional players and friends.

Installing a Data Pack

You can install a Minecraft Data pack, which is a zip file that can modify and enhance gameplay within your Minecraft world. These packs can be used to add new features, mechanics, or changes to the game such as advancements, dimensions, functions, and much more without directly altering the game's base code.

Setting the Level Seed

Setting the level seed in Minecraft allows players to generate a specific world with predetermined characteristics, ensuring consistency and allowing them to share the same world layout with others. If you do set your level seed you will also need to reset your world.

Resetting a World or Dimension.

There's several reasons why you might want to reset your world. You might be setting your level seed or wanting a fresh start. You can also reset dimensions that need a fresh start or to help fix an issue. Overall, resetting a Minecraft world or dimension can breathe new life into the game, offering fresh challenges, opportunities for exploration, and creative possibilities for players to enjoy. Before deleting anything you may want to download a copy or create a backup of your world for safe keeping.

Download a copy of the world

We understand that your time playing on a server will eventually come to an end. If you want to keep your world for memories or to revisit in the future you can download a copy of the world. You can always re-upload your world to a new server or into a single player instance at a later time as well.

Create an Additional World

You may want to have a fresh start in game. Creating a new additional world is a great way to start over. Also, some Minecraft plugins allow you to have multiple worlds such as Multiverse or MultiWorld. Read our guide to help you get started with creating an additional world.