Using RCON on your Servers

Some games may support the use of "RCON" or "remote console". This lets you send server commands from your computer to the server directly. Some of the more advanced RCON applications even let you do things with a nice GUI instead of commands.


rcon-cli is the most basic way to connect to your server with RCON and send commands. It works with almost all games that support RCON. It is command line-only so it doesn't have any fancy features, but is very easy to use and works with many games. Find out how to use rcon-cli here.

Game-Specific RCON applications

Some games have applications that are more than just command line applications, and have lots of automation and quality of life features. You can find out more about each of these in their respective game's RCON articles below.

Game-Specific RCON Guides

Here is a list of all of the guides we have on how to enable and connect with RCON to each game that supports it: