Install a Custom Modpack or JAR

We define a modpack as an assortment of jars (mods), configuration files, etc., designed to run in a Minecraft Forge environment. Some example of popular modpacks include: All The Mods, Feed The Beast, Tekkit, and many more.

Add a Custom Modpack

Adding a custom modpack involves creating a new server in Command Center, setting the server to "Custom Minecraft", uploading your modpack’s files to your server, and installing the main server JAR. These instructions assume that you’re trying to install server packs (not individual mods) that have their files available for download.

  1. Download your modpack’s server files.
  2. Login to Command Center.
  3. Create a new server by clicking Create a Server from the server list. On the Games page, select Minecraft. Search for and select Custom Minecraft in the list of available Minecraft games and complete the installation process by filling in your friendly address and how much memory you want to give this new server.
  4. From the server list, select the Manage button for the new Custom Minecraft server you just created. From here, you can find the FTP information necessary to connect to your server either by clicking Show FTP Info or by selecting FTP Information from the Gear Icon menu.
  5. Connect to your server FTP.
  6. Unzip the modpack server files on your computer. Upload them into the game’s FTP folder in FileZilla. Your game files usually include folders named configmods, etc. Older Forge versions may include coremods.
  7. Complete the instructions in the next section.


What if my modpack doesn't have server files?

If your modpack doesn't come with server files, you will need to convert the modpack into a server. Read this article to learn how to do that. We suggest using the Minecraft Forge installer to save yourself some time and effort.

Install the Custom JAR

The JARs you uploaded to your game’s folder in the FTP are available for use.

  1. From your Custom Minecraft server select Game Settings in the Gear Icon menu.
  2. Go to the Custom Executable/JAR section.
  3. Click the menu and select your JAR. The JAR has to be in the game’s folder as you uploaded it via FTP.
  4. Click Install and then Start on the top right.
  5. Check the console for any error messages. If you have any issues, make sure to contact support for help.

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