Spawn in Lost Items in Minecraft

Sometimes in Minecraft, you may die in a way that's unfair, or your items are lost in the void, or you simply don't want to travel all that way to get them. Luckily, you have the option of simply spawning them in to get all your items back. Here's how to do that.

How to spawn items in by going into creative mode temporarily

  1. Make yourself an OP on your server. You can follow this quick guide, or, in short, type op yourusername in your server console, entering your username in the command.
  2. Enter creative mode by running the command in-game /gamemode creative. Or, if your Minecraft version is 1.12.2 or below, enter /gamemode 1.
  3. Now that you're in creative mode, you can open your inventory and search for any items you want and put them in your inventory or a chest if there are more than you can carry.
  4. If you have lost enchanted items, you can spawn in the items and enchantment books and an anvil, and enchant them for free in creative. Or you can use the /enchant command to do the same. Here's how to use that command.
  5. Once you've gotten all of your items back, run the command /gamemode survival. Or, if your Minecraft version is 1.12.2 or below, enter /gamemode 0. Now you're all set! Don't forget to re-equip your armor and accessories!

Get your items back using a gravestone mod

Some modpacks may have a mod that adds graves that store your items. Some of those mods may also have commands to retrieve your items instead of going to your grave to get them. There are many such mods, so you should go to the mod's wiki or curseforge page to see if there are any commands you can use.

For example, the mod "You're in Grave Danger" uses the command /yigd restore to restore your last inventory you had when you died. And OpenBlocks has the command /ob_inventory restore playername. Many other grave mods will have similar commands so look into your modpack to see which grave mod it has! If you need help, always feel free to contact us as well, as we can figure out which grave mod you have and how to get the items back!