Set Up a Whitelist for a Don't Starve Together Server


Set up Cluster Token first

If you haven't set up your Cluster Token and uploaded the files for that, click here first.

  1. Click on the Files tab in Command Center then navigate to dont-starve-together/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/MyDediServer' and click on the cluster.ini` file.
  2. Under the [NETWORK] header you'll want to add a new line:
    # is the number of slots you'd like to allow.

Uploading whitelist.txt File

  1. Create a text file called whitelist.txt in Notepad or similar.
  2. Add users by their KU ID, one per line. They will need to find that on the Klei website:

  1. Upload whitelist.txt using SFTP to the following location on your server:
  2. Once the changes have been saved, restart your server.


Known issue

The number of KU ID's in the whitelist.txt needs to be equal or more to the number of whitelist slots. If you have less KU Ids it can cause issues.