Change the Server Settings for Palworld

Adding the Default Configurations


This guide will help you with configuring a Palworld Server within the Akliz system. If you do not have a plan with Akliz you can get started with one here.

With Palworld the server configs do not generate by default and you will need to copy those over. For more information about what each configuration parameters are go to Palworld's official guide here.

  1. You will need to start the server once & stop it again, in order to generate the config files for the server.
  2. In your Command Center under the File tab, you will want to go to find your DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini. You can edit this file with your browser. Open the file then copy the bottom two lines.

  1. One you have those two lines copied, you'll want to navigate to the PalWorldSettings.ini. The folder path in your files tab /palworld/Pal/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/PalWorldSettings.ini
  1. Last you'll paste in the two lines you copied into your PalWorldSettings.ini. Then you can adjust the server to your needs.


Quick tip

Use CTRL+F to search for the specific config you are wanting to change!

Config Settings for Palworld

These are some of the settings that are currently changeable on the server. We're constantly making adjustments as the game is still in Early Access.

Default settingSetting OptionsDescription
None allows for the changing of different settings below,
Casual/Normal/Hard will override any of the settings below!
DayTimeSpeedRate1.000000Changes the speed that daytime occurs on your server.
NightTimeSpeedRate1.000000Changes the speed that night-time occurs on your server.
ExpRate0.1 to 20Higher values for faster leveling.
PalCaptureRate0.5 to 2Higher values for easier catching.
PalSpawnNumRate0.5 to 3Higher values for more pal spawns.
Has a significant impact on performance!
PalDamageRateAttack0.1 to 5Multiplies damage done by pals.
PalDamageRateDefence0.1 to 5Reduces the damage pals take.
PlayerDamageRateAttack0.1 to 5Multiplies damage players take from pals.
PlayerDamageRateDefence0.1 to 5Reduces the damage players take from pals.
PlayerStomachDecreaceRate1.000000Changes the rate in which players use hunger.
PlayerStaminaDecreaceRate1.000000Changes the rate that players use Stamina.
PlayerAutoHPRegeneRate1.000000Changes the rate that players regenerate health.
1.000000Changes the rate that players regenerate health whilst sleeping.
PalStomachDecreaceRate1.000000Changes the rate in which pals use hunger.
PalStaminaDecreaceRate1.000000Changes the rate that pals use Stamina.
PalAutoHPRegeneRate1.000000Changes the rate that pals regenerate health.
1.000000Changes the rate that pals regenerate health whilst sleeping.
BuildObjectDamageRate1.000000Changes the rate that built objects take damage.
1.000000Changes the rate that built objects deteriorate at.
CollectionDropRate1.000000Changes the material drop rate from harvesting a node.
CollectionObjectHpRate1.000000Changes the damage done to a node when harvesting.
1.000000Changes the respawn rate of a destroyed resource node.
EnemyDropItemRate1.000000The rate at which enemies drop items
DeathPenaltyAll/Item/ItemAndEquipment/NoneNone-Keeps your inventory upon death.
Key items such as saddles, feed bags, and Lifmunk statues CANNOT be dropped on death
bEnablePlayerToPlayerDamageTrue/FalsePVP is not currently functional even when enabled
bEnableFriendlyFireTrue/FalsePVP is not currently functional even when enabled
bEnableInvaderEnemyTrue/FalseSetting it to False will disable Raids.
Currently keeping this as True
bActiveUNKOTrue/FalseAllows Pals to keep working when knocked unconscious.
bEnableAimAssistPadTrue/FalseToggles Aim assist for controller players.
bEnableAimAssistKeyboardTrue/FalseToggles Aim assist for mouse and keyboard players.
DropItemMaxNum3000The maximum number of items that can be dropped on the ground. Items over this limit will be deleted.
DropItemMaxNum_UNKO100Maximum number of items dropped by KO'd players. Items over this limit will be deleted.
BaseCampMaxNum128Changes the base camp limit per server
Increasing this will negatively impact performance
BaseCampWorkerMaxNum1-20Maximum pals assigned to a base.
Increasing this can negatively impact performance
DropItemAliveMaxHours0.5 to 5How long items will be on the ground before despawning.
Increasing this can negatively impact performance
True/FalseIf resetting guilds with no online players will be enabled.
(in hours)
The time for which resetting online guilds will occur
bAutoResetGuild NoOnlinePlayers must be set to true for this to function!
GuildPlayerMaxNum20Maximum amount of players allowed in a guild
PalEggDefaultHatchingTime72The default hatch time for an egg.
Lower numbers=Faster hatching
WorkSpeedRate0.5 to 5The speed at which pals work at.
bCanPickupOtherGuildDeathPenaltyDropTrue/FalseIf other clans can loot player bodies.
bEnableNonLoginPenaltyTrue/FalseDisables the no login penalty
bEnableFastTravelTrue/FalseToggles Fast travel points.
bIsStartLocationSelectByMapTrue/FalseIf players can select their own start location via the map.
bExistPlayerAfterLogoutTrue/FalseCauses a player’s body to persist when logged out
CoopPlayerMaxNum4Ignore this if using palworld in our system, it is for co-op
ServerPlayerMaxNum32Maximum number of slots on the server.
ServerName""Name of the server.
ServerDescription""Description of the server.
AdminPassword""Set the admin password for your server.
ServerPassword""Set the password used to join the server.
PublicPort8211DO NOT CHANGE
RCONEnabledTrue/FalseWhether or not RCON is enabled on your server
RCONPort25575The RCON port for your server.
bUseAuthTrue/falseIf the server does an Auth check for the player connecting.
BanListURLnullSets the URL for the ban list for the server to pull from.