Connecting to your Valheim server

How to Join Your Valheim Server

  1. You will need to create your Valheim server and make sure that it's turned on before you can connect. When you create a new server, you set a friendly address. If you don't remember your friendly address, it's easy to find again.

  2. Find your server's friendly address or IP:Port address. From your Command Center server list , click the Manage button next to your Valheim server. Above the console window, you will see your address. An IP:Port address looks like this:

Connecting directly in game

To connect in game, you can use your friendly address or use the above IP address and port minus 1. So if it says 1234, use 1233 in game.

For example:

Connecting in Steam server list

To join from steam you'll use your IP:Port.

For example:

Connecting with Xbox

For those joining from the Xbox console you'll need to use the Session name and Join code that will show up in your Command Center's server console after the server finishes loading.

For example: Session "Servername" with join code 000000

For information about your server's password, you can go to the Game Settings page on your server.