Set the Level Seed

Minecraft server level seeds are values used to generate unique Minecraft worlds. Setting the level seed involves editing and generating a new world.

Setting the Level Seed

  1. Login to Command Center.
  2. Make sure you have created a server. If you have, select it by clicking Manage from the server list.
  3. Go to Files and open
  4. Find the line containing level-seed=. (If the line does not exist, you can add it yourself.)
  5. Set it to the one you want.


If the file does not exist, make sure to start your server once to generate it. Then you can edit it and reset your world following the next step.

Generating a New World with the Level Seed

Your world will still be using the old level seed. To use your new seed, you must reset your existing world or make a new one.

  • Reset Your World
    Follow this guide to reset your world.

  • Create a New World
    Follow this guide to create a new world.