Using RCON with your Rust Server

For an introduction to what rcon is, see this article.

Enabling RCON on your Rust server

To enable RCON for your Rust server, you need to contact support using the chat bubble on the bottom right of the page and let us know which server you want RCON enabled on and what you want the password to be. We will enable it for you and give you the port number required to connect.

That's it! RCON is now enabled and ready to use. To learn how to connect with RCON, see this article. For Rust specifically, you will need to append -t web to the .\rcon.exe command when running rcon-cli. The full list of Rust commands can be intimidating because there are so many different commands! You can also use tools like the Rust wiki's command list to find the commands you need. And as always, if you need any help, contact us with the chat bubble on the bottom right of the page.

Server manager applications compatible with Rust

There are some applications that take advantage of RCON/telnet, the web API and even mods to let you do all sorts of things. Rust has a few that are worth looking into for advanced users. They can offer features like interactive maps, command automation, convenient server configuration, and much much more. Once you have RCON enabled and set up, there may be more steps for each of these server managers. Make sure to read the documentation for each of these.