Installing Eco Mods to Your Server

Downloading Mods

The official host for Eco mods is Here, you can sort and filter mods however you want and download the mod files to your computer. Make sure the mod is for your version of Eco, or at least that it was updated recently. Mods aren't required to have the version they are compatible with listed anywhere, but many do. Another place to get mods is the Eco Forums Filebase, which has more mods, but is not quite as easy to navigate.

Installing Mods to Your Server

The best thing about Eco modding is that it is very simple. When any Eco player connects to a modded server, the server will automatically install the required mods to that player's game, so mods only need to be installed on the server, which you can do with these steps:

  1. Download your mod files, which will often be in a .zip format. Unzip these into a folder that you can easily find. Each mod should come in a folder named after the mod.
  2. Read any install instructions for each mod. Mods may come with optional content or bundles which may need to be installed differently. In addition, some mods may require other mods to be installed in order to work correctly. Make sure to read any mod-specific install instructions on the mod's download page!
  3. Connect to your server through SFTP.
  4. Upload your mods to the proper folder in your server. This is usually the "Mods" folder, but sometimes the mods specify that you should install them to the "UserCode" folder inside the "Mods" folder. Make sure to read the mod-specific instructions on the mod's download page!
  5. Restart your server, make sure it loads without crashing, and you're ready to go! When you connect to your server, your mods should automatically be installed and enabled on your client. It may take some time to connect the first time because of this.

For more in-depth information on Eco modding, and a helpful youtube tutorial, check out the official Eco wiki page on modding.