Install Umod to your Rust server

Installing Umod onto your Rust server

Before uploading anything to your server we always advice you make a backup and shut down your server.

  1. Download the latest Linux Build version of Umod and extract the RustDedicated_Data folder.
  2. Log into your server SFTP
  3. Upload the new RustDedicated_Data folder and make sure to overwrite what is currently on the server.
  4. Start up the server.
  5. The server will install and you should have an oxide folder with a plugins folder for you to upload plugins to.


Rcon Password and Verification.

Most of the commands will require you to have your Rcon password set up. Please contact support for us to set one up for you. If you have your Rcon password set up you can run oxide.version in your Rcon's console to verify that it's working.