Minecraft Client Side Changes

Minecraft Client Side changes.

There are some ways to modify Minecraft without having to change anything about the base game. You can add resource/texture packs to change the how the game looks. There are also shaders which can overhaul graphical effects in the game such as lighting, post-processing, and other effects. You can also add data packs (for Minecraft 1.13+) that can change the way the game works. All of these features use the functionality already built into vanilla Minecraft:

Modding Client side.

Vanilla is great but if you really want to switch up your game, playing with mods can create an entirely new experience. We have a whole section on getting started with Modding Minecraft.

There are also a few game client applications that you can use to easily get started with modifying your game:

CurseForge Launcher

Feed the Beast Launcher

Technic Launcher