Don't Starve Together Admin Commands

If you are an admin on your Don't Starve Together server, you will be able to run many server commands. Here's how to do that.

Enabling Console in Don't Starve Together

First, you need to enable the console in your game.

  1. Locate your settings.ini. They can be found here:
    Windows, Mac: \Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client.ini
    Linux: ~/.klei/DoNotStarve/client.ini
  2. Under the [MISC] section, change or add this line: console_enabled = true
  3. Save and start your game.

Using Console Commands on your Server

  1. Log into your server.
  2. Open the console. The default key is ~.
  3. Most commands require remote command mode. Pressing CTRL will switch modes.
  4. Type your command and press Enter.

A full list of console commands for Don't Starve Together can be found here on the official wiki.