Change the Minecraft Version

Vanilla Client

You may wish to change your Minecraft version to use specific versions or be able to join different servers. The Minecraft version on your computer must closely match the version that the server that you're trying to join. These instructions only work with the default "Vanilla" Minecraft launcher.

  1. Start Minecraft and log in.
  2. On the lower-left, click New Profile.
  3. Fill in Profile Name with something descriptive, like Minecraft 1.8.
  4. Next to Use version, choose the version that matches the server you're trying to join. You may need to contact the server owner to get the server version.
  5. Click Save Profile.
  6. On the main Minecraft screen, select your desired profile.
  7. Press Play.

Curseforge Launcher

If your modpack is on the Curseforge launcher, follow these steps to change the version.

  1. In the Curseforge launcher in the Minecraft tab, click on the picture of the modpack you would like to change.
  2. Click the 3 dots next to the play button and select "Change Version".
  3. Using the dropdown menu, choose which version you want to switch to.
  4. Click "Continue" and wait for the installation to finish then you can launch your modpack.

Technic Launcher

If your modpack is on the Technic launcher, follow these steps to change the version.

  1. In the Technic launcher in the Modpacks tab, select your modpack that you would like to change.
  2. In the top right corner, click "Modpack Options".
  3. You can select Recommended Version or Latest version, both of which will update automatically. You can also select "A Specific Version" and use the dropdown menu to choose your version.
  4. Close that options window and click Play. If the version you chose was different than the one currently installed, it will ask if you would like to update the pack. Click Yes and it will update and launch.
  5. If for some reason it did not update automatically, you can click "Reinstall Pack" to force it to install the selected version.

Command Center

If your server is running the Vanilla Minecraft game, you may wish to change the version.

  1. Log into Command Center.
  2. From the server list, choose your vanilla server by clicking the Manage button for that server.
  3. Either click the Version number or select Game Settings from the gear icon menu.
  4. Under the Installed Version, you will see availabe versions. The first dropdown box will let you select Minecraft, CraftBukkit, or Spigot. The second dropdown box will let you select the version.
  5. Choose a version and click install.
  6. Restart your server for it to take effect.