Set up a Whitelist for your Vintage Story

Setting up a whitelist is a simple and effective way to limit your Vintage Story server to players who you trust. It’ll prevent unauthorized users from connecting to your server and potentially damaging or griefing your world.

  1. Log into your Command Center.
  2. From the server list, find the server you want to modify, and click the Manage button on the right.
  3. From the server you selected, you should already be on the Console tab, but if not, select it.
  4. Run the Command /serverconfig onlywhitelist on This turns on the whitelist on your server.
  5. Run the Command /player [playername] whitelist on changing [playername] to who you want to add to your last list.

If you do need to remove a player from your whitelist you can always run the command/player [playername] whitelist off.