World Modifiers for Valheim

With the Hildir's Request update there's the ability to adjust even more server settings with World Modifiers. They can be added to the start up of any server but you can also run them as commands in your in game Console as an Admin of your server.

For more information on what each modifier does and what their values mean, please check out the Valheim wiki here.

To start any of the world modifiers command you'll need to use setworldmodifier in all lower case. Modifiers need to be capitalized. IE setworldmodifier Combat veryeasy

Combatveryeasy, easy, hard, veryhard
DeathPenaltycausal, veryeasy, easy, hard, hardcore
Resourcesmuchless, less, more, muchmore
Raidsnone, muchless, less, more, muchmore
Portalscausal, hard, veryhard

If your ran correctly you should see the output in your console in Command Center.