Test your Connection with our Sample Servers

Minecraft sample servers to test ping and connection

We've created some Minecraft sample servers to help you test your connection to each server region. The sample servers are currently running Minecraft Version 1.20.4. These servers can be played on to test your connection for any amount of time. Below are the IPs. Enter one of these in the "Server Address" section of the Minecraft multiplayer menu.

  • North America: nasampleserver.g.akliz.net
  • Europe: eusampleserver.g.akliz.net
  • Oceania/Asia: ocsampleserver.g.akliz.net

Note that breaking, building, etc are not restricted, but the server resets regularly. Chat is disabled. There are some secrets to find as well!

If you find that one region performs better and already have servers set up in a different region, you can always change it by following our guide here.

What’s Next

Have you tested your connection to our servers and want to purchase game server space with us? You can click this link to get started!