Create and Start a New Server in Command Center

With Command CenterCommand Center - Command Center is what we (Akliz) call our custom designed control panel., you can create multiple game servers and switch between them at any time. Larger plans will allow you to run more than one server at the same time. Whether you are creating your first game server, or any number, these instructions should tell you everything you need to know to get started.

If you have never logged into Command Center before, follow the Minecraft Server Information email to create a password. Your password must contain at least a letter, number, and symbol. It must also be 8 characters or longer. If you're already logged in, click the Servers link in the top bar.

  1. Login to Command Center.
  2. On the side bar, click Create a Server and follow the directions.
  3. After creating the server, it may take several seconds to minutes to install depending on the game.
  4. When the server is finished installing, press the Play button in your server list.
  5. Click Manage on the server and check the console for the server to start up. Your server will be up once the text stops scrolling. On some larger modpacks, the text scrolling may pause at times as mods load.
  6. Connect to your server friendly addressfriendly address - Friendly address is the term we use for sub-domains that point to your server. For example, is a friendly address as opposed to, which is an IP address. or IP:Port. The friendly address may take around 5-20 minutes to work.

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