Enable ARK: Survival Evolved Events

ARK: Survival Evolved Events are special occasions that can consist of boosted rates, limited-time content, or permanent content. To enjoy these events on your server, they need to be activated by adding an option to your server's start command. Learn more about events on the official ARK wiki.

Command Center

If you are hosting your server with us here at Akliz using Command Center, you will need to reach out to us to change your server's command line. For your safety, we prevent editing of your server's start commands; however, we will happily add the required changes for holiday events.


Modifying your game's start command can be tricky and error-prone if you don't know what you are doing. To enable these events, you will need to add a single parameter at the end of your current start command. You can only have one of these parameters active at any time, so if you already had a previous event active, you will need to change or remove it.


List of ARK Events

  • Love Evolved: -activeevent=vday
  • Eggcelect Adventure: -activeevent=Easter
  • Anniversary: -activeevent=birthday
  • Summer Bash: -activeevent=Summer
  • Fear Evolved: -activeevent=FearEvolved
  • Turkey Trial: -activeevent=TurkeyTrial
  • Winter Wonderland: -activeevent=WinterWonderland