Upload a World to your Palworld server


This guide will help you with uploading a world to your Palworld Server within the Akliz system. If you do not have a plan with Akliz you can get started with one here.

To upload a world to your Palworld server: Locate your world files, and upload them to your server using SFTP.

Locate Your Files on Your Computer.

  1. Open up Palworld and start the game to view your world list.
  2. Select the world you want then click on the folder icon in the bottom left

Uploading world to the server

  1. Log into your Command Center and stop your server.
  2. Connect to your server using SFTP.
  3. Navigate in your SFTP client to /Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0 then open the folder that'll be a random assortment of characters.
  4. Delete all of the files that are there. You can download a copy if you wish to keep a back up.
  5. Upload your files from your existing world to the empty folder. Please note if you upload the WorldOption.save file your server configuration options will be completely overridden.
  6. Start your server and connect.


Player Data

Currently at this time there isn't a way to transfer over Player Data correctly. It is currently a known issue and hopefully will be fixed in the future. If you were playing in a single player world or co-op you'll want to put everything in your inventory into your storage.