7 Days to Die Twitch Integration

Twitch Integration with 7d2d

This guide will help get you started with setting up 7 Days to Die's built in Twitch Integration.

Configure Your Server

  1. Start the server and let all the configs load. Once the Saves folder pops up you should see your serveradmin.xml

  1. Open serveradmin.xml by clicking on it and look for the following between these tags: <admins> </admins>

<!-- <user steamID="76561198021925107" name="Hint on who this user is" permission_level="0" /> -->
<!-- <group steamID="103582791434672565" name="Steam Universe" permission_level_default="1000" permission_level_mod="0" /> -->

  1. Look up the Steam64 id using a tool like this: https://steamid.io/

  2. Add a line for your own SteamID. You will need to set the permission_level to 90 or less.
    <user steamID="your steam64 ID" name="your name" permission_level="90" />


Name is only for your own records

The name= part of that is only for a hint to who this setting is for, so you can keep track. Setting your Steam username here won't actually do anything other than that.

  1. Save the file and start your server.

Configure Your Client

  1. Log in to your server and hit escape and go into your settings. Click on TWITCH

  1. Click on LOGIN TWITCH

  1. Finish logging in to Twitch in the popup.

Configure Your Server with Twitch Specific Settings

  1. Click on Files and navigate to your saves folder again and then to the ConfigsDump folder under your world/game folder.

  2. Edit the files twitch.xml and twitch_evernts.xml as you'd like and then save and restart your server.

That's it! You're done. If you'd like even more information, see this document: Welcome to Twitch Integration