Use Backups to Rollback Files

Backups contains all of your server's backups. Vault will automatically backup your server at least once a day or as often as every 6 hours depending on your settings. And you can make your own backups manually. It's very simple to use it to rollback your entire server to a previous backup. You can also rollback specific folders and files.


When To Roll Back To?

If you don't know when your server was crashing and need to know, you can click on the Activity Log link on the left of Command Center and it should include the times when the server crashed.

Where to Find Backups

From anywhere in your server's Manage page, click on Backups on the left side of Command Center under the gear icon.


Creating a Backup

Backups won't let you do a rollback unless you've made a backup within the last hour. Creating a new manual backup is really simple. Just press the Create button on the Vault backups page.



Creating a new backup is usually very fast. But some games have large file sizes and can take longer.

How to Rollback Your Server


Backup First

Backups will not let you do a rollback unless you have backed up your server in the last hour. So you'll need to do that first if you have not.

Rolling back your server to a previous backup is really simple, so don't worry about losing any of your stuff if something breaks in your server. Click on Rollback next to the backup you'd like to rollback from.



Stop Your Server

Your server needs to be stopped to roll back your server.

You will see a popup that asks you to confirm that you want to rollback your server. You can also click the checkbox to rollback files in a specific path. For more information about that, continue onto the next section.


Rollback Specific Files and Folders

Sometimes you need to roll back specific files. Click on the checkbox for Specific Path on the rollback confirmation popup.


In the text box that shows up, you can add the path to the file that you want to rollback. Below are a few examples.

Common Minecraft Files and Folders

Your World

To rollback your world, you can add the name of the world folder to the end like this:


All of the Playerdata

To rollback all of your player data, you can add the name of the world and the playerdata folder like this:


A Specific Player

To rollback a specific player, you'll need to look up their UUID with a tool like this, and then enter it in the text box like this (make sure to use their UUID as the following is just an example):


You can do this with any file you can find the path for.

Your level.dat File

To roll back your level.dat file, you would find it and then put the full path to it. As an example:


If You Still Need Help

If you still need help creating a backup or rolling back your server, make sure to contact us.