Add a Whitelist to a 7 Days to Die Server

How to Add a Whitelist to a 7 Days to Die Server

A whitelist can come in handy to only allow certain people on a server. Continue reading to learn how you can add one to your server:

  1. Find the SteamID64 for each person you want to whitelist. You can use a website such as to lookup a Steam user to find their SteamID64.
  2. Login to Command Center.
  3. From the servers page, click the Manage button for your 7 Days to Die server.
  4. Navigate to the Files tab seen above the console.
  5. You will see all of your server's files on this page. Navigate to /7-days-to-die/Saves/.
  6. Click on serveradmin.xml inside the Saves folder. This will open the file in a separate window so you can edit it. If you'd rather use your own editor, you can use our SFTP instructions to connect to your server and open the same file with your favorite text editor.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the file where you will see the <whitelist> tag.
  8. For each person that you want to whitelist, add a new <whitelisted steamID="" /> entry on a new line between the <whitelist> tags. Inside the quotation marks for steamID=, add the SteamID64 you looked up earlier. Look below for examples.
  9. When you're done editing the whitelist, save the file and restart your server. Your whitelist should be active now.



Default Whitelist

    <!-- <user platform="" userid="" name="" /> -->
    <!-- <group steamID="" name="" /> -->

Example Whitelist with one player

  <user platform="steam" userid="1234567890" name="TraderJen" />

Code Comments

The serveradmin.xml file is written in XML, a type of programming markup language. A code comment makes it so that a program doesn't read the line. In XML <!-- --> represents a code comment. You have to remove those symbols from each entry to whitelist a player or the game will ignore them.