Resetting a Player's Data on your Palworld Server


This guide will help you with resetting player data on your Palworld Server within the Akliz system. If you do not have a plan with Akliz you can get started with one here.

You may wish to reset a player’s location and inventory on your Palworld Dedicated server from time to time. This process involves removing a player's progression and returning them to the initial starting point of the game. Resetting player data may be necessary for dealing with glitches, exploits and other unforeseen issues. Before making any major changes to your server we always suggest taking a back up of your server.


Alternative to Resetting

There is an alternative to resetting the player data. You can also roll back the player data before any issues start with the player.

In order to find the player's ID you'll need to have Admin access on the server. Set an Admin Password using this guide.

Finding Player ID

  1. Connect to your server and run the /AdminPassword command.
  2. Next run the /ShowPlayers command. The system will show the name, playerID, and SteamID in that order. You'll want the first set of number which is the playerID.
  3. Next you'll want to convert those numbers using a Hexadecimal Converter . You'll need this code to locate the file for that player.


This Deletes Data from your server

This process will empty the inventory of the player and reset their location

Resetting Player data.

  1. Log into your server using SFTP.
  2. On the Remote Site navigate to the folder path palworld/Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0/WorldFolder/Players. Please note that world folder will be a random string of characters the game creates when it loads for the first time.
  3. In the Players folders, you'll want to find the .SAV file that matches the Hexadecimal Code that you converted. Example: If the playerID is 248503033 the Hexadecimal will be ECFDAF9 the folder should be ECFDAF9000000000000000000000000.sav
  4. Delete, or download and then delete,