Reset a Terraria World

If you want to start a new world in Terraria, there are two ways to do so:

Delete the World

  1. Stop your server.

  2. Connect to your server through SFTP.
    (You may not see the .local folder on your server. To see hidden files and folders, Click on Options > Preferences. Inside of the Preferences window, click on the Panels section and select Show hidden files, or use Ctrl-Alt-H.)

  3. Find the current world file and delete it.


4.  Start your server. With the old world deleted, a new one will be created by Terraria.

Change the World Name

  1. Click on serverconfig.txt which is located in the main /terraria/ folder:
  1. Change world and worldname to something other than world. So in this example, we are creating a new world called Sample. You would change these lines in serverconfig.txt to the following:
  1. Click the blue Save button.

  2. Restart your server and a new world should be generated with the new name.