Setup and Configure a MySQL Database

Some plugins require a MySQL database. If you purchased your server before June 2012 and are still using mc.akliz.netcontact support and we’ll send you the connection details, which will include the hostname, name, username, and password of your database. You can create a database in Command Center by:

  1. Log into Command Center.
  2. From the server list, select the server you wish to modify, and click the Manage button on the right.
  3. From the server you selected, click the gear icon on the left to access the menu.
  4. Under Server click MySQL Database.
  5. On the right of this page, you can click Create Database. Afterwards, your database will be created and the information will be shown on the page.

To configure a plugin to use your database, you’ll have to set its MySQL parameters to the ones that you’ve received.

  1. Host is typically localhost.
  2. Database is your database name.
  3. The username is typically the same as your database name.
  4. If there is a table section, leave it as is.

For example, for the CraftBukkit plugin LogBlock, the mysql: section of LogBlock/config.yml should appear like the following:

    port: 3306
    host: localhost
    user: \[database username\]
    password: \[database password\]
    database: \[database name\]

Some plugins use a different connection string in the format of:


In this case, replace the aforementioned connection string parts with your own database details. For example:


The above example has all possible parts of a connection string, which your plugins may or may not have. For example, some plugins have a separate section for usernames and passwords. In which case, adjust only the parts of the string you see, and enter the other parts into the relevant config sections.