Admin Commands for Project Zomboid

Following is the admin commands you can use on your Project Zomboid server. You'll need to make sure to log in as an admin first.

General Commands

additemGives an item to the player./additem “user” “module.item”
addvehicleSpawns a vehicle./addvehicle “user”
addxpGives XP to a player./addxp “user” “perk=XP”
alarmSounds a building alarm at the admin’s position. Must be in a room./alarm
changeoptionChanges a server option./changeoption option="newOption"
chopperPlaces a helicopter event on a random player./chopper
changepwdChanges your password./changepwd “pwd” “newPwd”
createhordeSpawns a horde near a player./createhorde “number”
godmodeMakes a player invincible./godmode “user”
gunshotMakes a gunshot noise near the player./gunshot
helpBrings up the help menu./help
invisibleMakes a player invisible to zombies./invisible “user”
noclipAllows a player to pass through solid objects./noclip “user”
quitSaves and quits the server./quit
releasesafehouseReleases a safehouse you own./releasesafehouse
reloadoptionsReloads server options./reloadoptions
replayRecords and plays a replay for a moving player./replay “user” [-record | -play | -stop] “filename”
saveSaves the current world./save
sendpulseToggles sending server performance info to the client./sendpulse
showoptionsShows a list of current server options and values./showoptions
startrain - stoprainStarts and stops rain on the server./[start | stop]rain
teleportTeleports to a player./teleport “toUser” or /teleport “user” “toUser”
teleporttoTeleports to certain coordinates./teleportto x,y,z

Moderation Commands

addalltowhitelistAdds all current users connected with a password to the whitelist./addalltowhitelist
adduserAdds a new user to the whitelist./adduser “user” “pwd”
addusertowhitelist - removeuserfromwhitelistAdds/removes a single user connected with a password to the whitelist./addusertowhitelist “user”
banid - unbanidBans/unbans a Steam ID./[ban | unban]id “SteamID”
banuser - unbanuserBans/unbans a user./[ban | unban] “user”
grantadmin - removeadminGives or removes admin rights to a user./[grantadmin | removeadmin] “user”
kickuserKicks a user from the server./kickuser “user”
playersLists all connected players./players
servermsgBroadcast a message to all players./servermsg “message”
setaccesslevelSet the access/permission level of a player./setaccesslevel “user” “[admin | moderator | overseer | gm | observer]”
voicebanBan a user from using the voice feature./voiceban “user” [-true | -false]