Upload Single Player Ark Save to Server

This guide will tell you how to move a single player save onto your Ark server so you and your friends can play on it!

Finding your Single Player Save

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Right click on Ark, hover over "Manage" and click "Browse Local Files"
  3. Navigate to ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal
  4. Locate the 3 files that end in .ark, .arktribe, and localplayer.arkprofile. These files make up your save data. (You may not have an .arktribe. If you don't, that's okay.)

Upload your Save to your Server

  1. Stop your server if it is started.
  2. Connect to your server via SFTP using this guide.
  3. Navigate to \ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArks
  4. Upload those 3 files listed above onto the server. If you have previously started your server, you will need to overwrite existing files, or just make a new server to keep both in tact.
  5. Rename the localplayer.arkprofile, replacing localplayer with your Steam 64 ID. You can look up your Steam 64 ID here: https://steamid.io/
  6. If the map you used was different than what you have set on your server (The default server map is TheIsland), you must change your map in your server's "Game Settings" link in the Command Center. Select the correct map in the dropdown, then click "Save" right under it.
  7. Start your server. If everything is correct, your uploaded save will be active! If it is not, you can contact support with the chat bubble on the bottom right of the page for assistance.