Terraria Server Commands

All of these commands can be run in your Command Center console:

helpDisplays a list of commands.
playingShows the list of players. This can be used in-game by typing /playing into the chat.
exit Shutdown the server and save.
exit-nosave Shutdown the server without saving.
saveSave the game world.
kick playernameKicks a player from the server.
ban playernameBans a player from the server.
passwordShows the server password.
password yourpasswordChanges the server password.
versionPrint version number.
timeDisplays game time.
portDisplays the listening port.
maxplayersDisplays the max number of players.
saySend a message to all players. They will see the message in yellow surrounded with <server></server> in the chat.
motd Displays your server's MOTD.
motd yourmessageChanges your server's MOTD.
dawnChanges time to dawn (4:30 AM).
noonChanges time to noon (12:00 PM).
duskChanges time to dusk (7:30 PM).
midnightChange time to midnight (12:00 AM).
settleSettles all water.