Upload a World to Your Eco Server

Find your single player world

If you want to take a single player world and put it on your server, you will need to locate 2 files.

  1. In Steam, right click your Eco game and select Manage then Browse Local Files.
  2. Navigate to \Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Storage. This folder will contain the worlds you've generated.
  3. Locate your world name and find the .db file and the .eco file.

Uploading your world

Now that you have your single player world, or another world you've gotten from somewhere else, it's time to upload it. Be sure to run a manual backup before you modify any server files!

  1. Make sure you know how to upload files using SFTP.
  2. Drop your files in to the storage folder on the server.
  3. Rename those files to Game.db and Game.eco. You'll want to delete or overwrite any files of the same name that were already there, noting that these are the world files already on your server.
  4. Start your server and it should load the world you just uploaded!