Add Mods to Project Zomboid Servers

Adding mods to Project Zomboid is actually quite easy once you have the information you need.


Stop and Backup!

Make sure to stop your server and make a backup in Backups before changing any files.

  1. Start your server and set up your Admin password in the console.
  2. Find the mods you want in the Steam Workshop.
  3. On the workshop page for the mod, make sure to note the Workshop ID and Mod ID. It will be towards the bottom of the page right before the discussion.

  1. Find the servertest.ini file in /project-zomboid/?/Zomboid/Server

  1. Find the following sections and enter in the appropriate Workshop and Mod IDs, making sure to separate the entries with a semicolon (;) as stated in the file:
# List Workshop Mod IDs for the server to download. Each must be separated by a semicolon. Example: WorkshopItems=514427485;513111049
# Enter the mod loading ID here. It can be found in \Steam\steamapps\workshop\modID\mods\modName\info.txt
  1. Click on save.
  2. Restart your server.